Defensive Security


Sub-Category Description
Asset Management Keep track of your inventory. You can’t protect what you don’t see.
Auditing Stay in compliance.
Endpoint Protection Protect your endpoints.
Courses Training and courses to master your craft.
Forensics Uncover the dirty little secrets of a recovered HDD, Image, malware, and more.
Honeypots Catch them with their hands/attacks sticky.
IDS/IPS Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.
Incident Response Incident response tools, and resources when alarms pop off.
IOC Indicators of compromise. Discover if you’ve been compromised.
Malware All the malware you can wish for to reverse engineer.
Monitoring Monitor your network, e-mail, packets, and infrastructure.
Operating Systems Operating system’s solely focused for defensive security teams.
Phishing Tools and resources for analyzing phishing attacks.
Threat Intel Discover where the threats begin.