Icon Directory

See below our list of icons to help highlight some key features about our tools/resources indexed.

Icon Description
aged Aged Resource - There has not been any update to resource in past 2 years.
archived Archived - Tool/Resource is in archived state. No longer updated/maintained.
freemium Freemium - Tool/Resource is free but offers premium plan/upgrade of service.
legal Legality - Accessing this resource can be considered illegal. Check your local laws.
malware Malware - Live malware is hosted on this resource and can cause harm/damage to property. Proceed with caution.
opensource Open Source - Source code is freely available and anyone can review it.
payment Payment Required - Tool/Service requires payment for usage.
register-profile Registration Required - An account is required to access this resource.
tor-icon TOR Access - This resource has a TOR website. The TOR software is required to access it.