Offensive Security


Sub-Category Description
API Tools and resources for pentesting against API endpoints.
Blogs Reading material for offensive security researchers.
Bug Bounty Test out your skills against other hackers. Get paid for finding vulnerabilities.
Command & Control Command and Control tools and frameworks.
Cheat Sheets Offensive security cheat sheets.
Cloud Discover tools and resources dedicated to hacking cloud platforms.
Collaboration Discover tools and frameworks for red team collaboration.
Courses Training and courses to master your craft. Some of the below courses do offer professional certifications as add-ons to course purchase.
Cracking Everything you need to crack all the hashes.
CTF Offensive Compete your hacking skills against others.
Data Exfiltration Exfiltrate the data, and test your DLP.
Evasion Evade getting caught.
Exploits Gather all your exploits needed to pop that box.
Firewalls Attack the castle doors.
Hardware Grab some of the most used hardware within the penetration testing industry.
Linux Tools and resources for popping those linux boxes.
Mobile Tools and resources for pentesting on mobile applications.
Network Sniff the network. Modify the packets.
Operating Systems Operating system’s solely focused for offensive security teams.
Reconnaissance Understand your target. Perform in-depth research and discover new attack surfaces.
Shells Generating pre-built webshells to customizing your own.
Social Engineering Manipulation techniques that exploits human error to gain private information, access, or valuables.
Vulnerability Scanners Discover vulnerabilities fast, and automate some of the heavy loads.
Web Application Break that web application.
Windows Mirosoft Windows pentesting tools and resources.
Wireless Discover tools and resources for exploiting Wi-Fi, bluetooth, RFID, and more.