Destroy your data.


Filesystem Manipulation

Tools Description Directory
Darik’s Book & Nuke A self-contained boot image that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. N/A
SetMace Manipulate timestamps on NTFS. last-commit opensource
Wipe A Unix tool for secure deletion. last-commit opensource
WipeDicks Wipe files and drives securely with randoms ASCII dicks. last-commit opensource
Wiper Toolkit to perform secure destruction of sensitive virtual data, temporary files and swap memories. last-commit opensource

System Operation

Tools Description Directory
Silk Guardian Anti-forensic kill-switch that waits for a change on your usb ports and then wipes your ram, deletes precious files, and turns off your computer. last-commit opensource
USBKill An anti-forensic kill-switch that waits for a change on your USB ports and then immediately shuts down your computer. last-commit opensource
xxUSBSentinel Windows anti-forensics USB monitoring tool. last-commit opensource