Protect your SMS messages, voice calls, and e-mails. Big brother is always watching.


E-Mail Services

Organization Description Directory
CTemplar [TOR] Anonymous E2EE (End to End Encrypted) email. freemium-service register-profile tor-icon
Noxe [TOR] E-Mail provider. register-profile tor-icon
SecMail [TOR] Secure mail service in TOR. freemium-service register-profile tor-icon
Premium Vendor E-Mail provider utilized by vendors all around the world. register-profile
Protonmail Secure E-Mail based in Switzerland. freemium-service register-profile
SAFe-mail Bulletproof e-mail service. register-profile
TorBox [TOR] Hidden mail service. register-profile tor-icon

Messaging Services

Organization Description Directory
Adamant Decentralized Messenger. opensource
Briar Secure messaging, anywhere. opensource
Element A messenger that gives you the privacy you expect from a conversation in your own home, but with everyone across the globe. Runs on the matrix network. freemium-service opensource register-profile
Ricochet Ricochet is a different approach to instant messaging that doesn’t trust anyone in protecting your privacy. no-recent-update opensource
Telegram A new era of messaging. last-commit opensource


Organization Description Directory
Signal Speak Freely. last-commit opensource register-profile

XMPP Services

Want to check compliance status of an XMPP server? Check out

Organization Description Directory
404 City Cipher-punk community in federation XMPP. Our goal is to protect the privacy of personal life. register-profile
Creep [TOR] Free XMPP/Jabber server in France. IP’s not logged. XSF standards. register-profile tor-icon
CRIME Secure & Unmonitored XMPP. Encryption Required. Registration Open. register-profile
Hella (Shadow) Free XMPP service for secure unmonitored communications. register-profile
Hell XMPP Russian XMPP service. register-profile
JabberX Free Private XMPP Chat Service. Designed in Sweeded and Hosted in Germany. register-profile