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Organization Description Directory
Black Book Public records index N/A
Corporation Wiki Person and Company Wiki register-profile
Government of Canada Federal corporation lookup N/A
Open Gov US Open Government data in U.S. N/A
Spoke Business, People, and more N/A

Data Breach Dumps

Organization Description Directory
Dehashed DeHashed is constantly obtaining new and private datasets that other services simply do not have. We are always the first to respond. legal
HaveIBeenPwned Have I Been Pwned allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email address has been compromised. N/A
Leaked source Leaked Source is a collaboration of data found online in the form of a lookup. legal
PSBDMP PSBDMP is a Pastebin dump security monitor. N/A
Snusbase Snusbase indexes information from websites that have been hacked and had their database leaked. legal
WeLeakInfo V2 (Un-confirmed official site) Another Indexed databreach website. Proceed with caution as this is a reboot version. legal


Tool Description Directory
Holehe Allows you to check if the email is used on different sites and will retrieve information on sites with the forgotten password function. last-commit opensource


Tool Description Directory
iKy OSINT Project. last-commit opensource
IntelOwl OSINT solution to get threat intelligence data about a specific file, an IP or a domain from a single API at scale. last-commit opensource
Maltego Increase the speed and precision of investigations. freemium-service register-profile
Metabigor Intelligence tool but without API key last-commit opensource
OSINT Framework OSINT framework is focused on gathering information from free tools or resources. The intention is to help people find free OSINT resources. last-commit opensource
OpenCTI Open Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform. last-commit opensource
OSweep Don’t Just Search OSINT. Sweep It. last-commit opensource
OSINT Framework Meta: OSINT framework is focused on gathering information from free tools or resources. The intention is to help people find free OSINT resources. last-commit opensource
Photon Incredibly fast crawler designed for OSINT. last-commit opensource
QueryTool Querytool is an OSINT framework based on Google Spreadsheets. last-commit opensource
Scrummage The Ultimate OSINT and Threat Hunting Framework. last-commit opensource
XRay Tool for recon, mapping and OSINT gathering from public networks. last-commit opensource


Organization Record Opt-Out/Removal Directory
411 (White Pages) CCPA Suppression Requests freemium-serviceregister-profile
Addresses (Intelius) CCPA freemium-service register-profile
Advanced Background Checks Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
AnyWho (Intelius) Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Been Verified Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Black Book N/A  
Check Them Link freemium-service
Classmates (PeopleConnect) Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Corporation Wiki Link register-profile
DOB Search Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Family Tree Now Link  
ID True Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Instant Checkmate Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Instant People Finder (Intelius) Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Intelius Link freemium-service
Melissa Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
My Life CCPA freemium-serviceregister-profile
Nuwber Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Open Gov US N/A  
PeekYou Link freemium-service
People Finder (Intelius) Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
People Finders Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
People Search Now Link  
People Smart (Been Verified) Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
PimEyes Link freemium-service
Pipl Link paid-product register-profile
Private Eye Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Public Info Directory Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Public Records (Intelius) Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Radaris E-Mail freemium-serviceregister-profile
Radio Reference N/A  
Spokeo Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
That’s Them Link  
True People Search Link  
TruthFinder Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
USSearch Link freemium-serviceregister-profile
Voter Records Link  
Webmii N/A  
White Pages CCPA Suppression Request freemium-serviceregister-profile
Yasni [email protected]  
Zaba Search (Intelius) Link freemium-serviceregister-profile

Phone Numbers

Organization/Tool Description Record Opt-Out/Removal Directory
Telephone Directories Phone number directoy lookup. Link N/A
Caller Smart Phone number directoy lookup. Link register-profile
All Area Codes Phone number directoy lookup. Link N/A
People by Name Phone number directoy lookup. Link paid-product register-profile
PhoneInfoga Advanced information gathering & OSINT framework for phone numbers. N/A opensource

Physical Address

Organization Record Opt-Out/Removal Directory
Neighbor Who (Been Verified) Link paid-product register-profile

Social Media

Tool Description Directory
GeoSocial Footprint Provides twitter users with an opportunity to view their geosocial footprint. N/A
One Million Tweet Map Displays last 24h geolocalized tweets delivered. Real Time. N/A
Osintgram Displays last 24h geolocalized tweets delivered. Real Time. last-commit opensource
Sherlock Hunt down social media accounts by username. last-commit opensource
Social Analyzer API, CLI & Web App for analyzing & finding a person’s profile across +800 social media. last-commit opensource
Social Searcher Social Media Search Engine. freemium-serviceregister-profile
Toutatis a tool that allows you to extract information from instagrams accounts such as e-mails, phone numbers and more. last-commit opensource
WhatsMyName Unified data required to perform user and username enumeration on various websites. last-commit opensource