# Anonymity

The quality or state of being anonymous. Seek out technologies and methods of remaining anonymous in the day and age of mass surveillance.

# Browsing

  • I2P - An anonymous network layer that allows for censorship resistant, peer to peer communication.
  • ipfs - IPFS is the Inter-Planetary FileSystem. IPFS aims to surpass HTTP in order to build a better web for all of us.
  • Pantoclick - See how trackers view your browser.
  • TOR - Free and open-source software for enabling anonymous communication.
  • WEBKAY - A web app to show what every browser knows about you.

# Cryptocurrency

  • Monero - Secure, private, untraceable.
  • ZCash - Proxies without limits. Take your business to a higher level.

# Cryptocurrency Wallets

  • Bitlox - Bitcoin mobile hardware wallet bluetooth low energy high security.
  • Exodus - Laptop and Desktop crypto wallet.
  • Samourai - A bitcoin wallet for the streets.
  • Wasabi - Bitcoin privacy wallet with built-in CoinJoin.

# Domain Registrars

  • Njalla [TOR] - A privacy-aware domain service.

# Proxies

  • Proxy Shop - Proxy Shop with 8M+ locations, 160+ countries, and 50+ states.
  • Smarter Proxy - Proxies without limits. Take your business to a higher level.


  • Comparision Sheet - VPN comparision sheet.
  • Mullvad VPN - Service that helps keep your online activity, identity, and location private.
  • ProtonVPN - High-speed Swiss VPN that safeguards your privacy.

# Whistleblowing

  • Global Leaks - Free and open source whistleblowing software, under the AGPL License.
  • SecureDrop - Share and accept documents securely.