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Infosec House is made possible because of the hard work of other amazing open-source and commercial projects.

Project Role
CloudFlare Pages Website Hosting
GitHub Codebase/Source Code Hosting
OBS Studio Software for Livestreams & Content Creation
Plausible Analytics
ReType Documentation Template
IconMonstr Social Media Icons

# Contributors

# Github

Shoutout to the following amazing individuals for the pull requests!

JR0ch17, projectdp MetaMan13, C3n7ral051nt4g3ncy, gigglebits

# Livestream

Shoutout to the following amazing individuals for suggesting tools/resources during our livestream!

Anonymous, 0xgnnr, 0xrom, Binary.rip, CyberLola, DevNullZen, EightBitOni, GoProSlowYo, JR0ch17, projectdp, PaWNmUnCher, RySkill, Vander_Grift, chadb_n00b, footpics4sale, goldyautomation, halfamomo, p4r4n0ir, skyfire100, theGwar, and zuphzuph.