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Enhance your cyber security operations with a comprehensive range of tools and resources for both offensive and defensive strategies.

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  • API - Tools and resources for pentesting against API endpoints.
  • Asset Management - Keep track of your inventory. You can't protect what you don't see.

  • Blogs - Reading material for offensive security researchers.
  • Bug Bounty - Test out your skills against other hackers. Get paid for finding vulnerabilities.

  • C2 - Command and Control tools and frameworks.
  • Cheat Sheets - Offensive security cheat sheets.
  • Cloud & Containers - Discover tools and resources dedicated to hacking cloud platforms.
  • Collaboration - Discover tools and frameworks for red team collaboration.
  • Command & Control - Command and Control tools and frameworks.
  • Cracking - Everything you need to crack all the hashes.
  • Cryptography - How great is your cryptography?
  • CTF Offensive - Compete your hacking skills against others.

  • Firewalls - Attack the castle doors.
  • Forensics - Uncover the dirty little secrets of a recovered HDD, Image, malware, and more.

  • Hardware - Grab some of the most used hardware within the penetration testing industry.
  • Honeypots - Catch them with their hands/attacks sticky.

  • IDS/IPS - Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.
  • Incident Response - Incident response tools, and resources when alarms pop off.

  • Linux - Tools and resources for popping those Linux boxes.

  • Malware - All the malware you can wish for to reverse engineer.
  • Mobile - Tools and resources for pentesting on mobile applications.
  • Music - Kick back relax and enjoy some entertainment.

  • Network - Sniff the network. Modify the packets.

  • Operation Security - Seek out technologies and methods of remaining anonymous in the day and age of mass surveillance.
  • Operating Systems - Operating systems for whatever task at hand.
  • OSINT - Open-Source Intel. Get all the information needed for your target.

  • Reconnaissance - Understand your target. Perform in-depth research and discover new attack surfaces.
  • Reverse Engineering - Reverse engineering tools both offensive and defensive operations can utilize.

  • Shells - Generating pre-built webshells to customizing your own.
  • Social Engineering - Manipulation techniques that exploit human error to gain private information, access, or valuables.

  • Video - Talks, livestreams, and presentations.
  • Vulnerability Scanners - Discover vulnerabilities fast, and automate some of the heavy loads.