# Changelog

# June 2, 2023

  • Changed documentation to ReType. Sorry MKDocs. Too many compile errors, dependencies, and plugin issues.
  • Upgraded changelog section this multi-box feature. Like it?
  • Removed dead projects no longer available
    • Defensive Security > WAF > Raptor WAF
    • Operation Security > Communication > CTemplar, and Hell XMPP

# May 20, 2023

  • Introducing new Markdown template by Material for MKDocs (Yes, Infosec House is sponsoring this project)
  • Huge improvement searching for tools & resources compared to previous documentation format. Includes highlighting searched terms upon landing on page.
  • More up-to-date modern user interface.
  • Tab sections per category. No more extra long side bar with every category for every subject.
  • Introducing a Changelog?!? Best to keep notes here for others and myself on push/updates made to website/repo.
  • Converted markdown table format to bulletin format for all tools & resources. Looks much cleaner when searching compared to huge block of text in results.
  • Removed "Directory Icons". They tend to break mobile view and "last commit" badges were squashed in the view.
  • Converted last-commit badges to regular flat version with default coloring. You will now know at a glance what tool has been updated recently compared to others.