# Exploits

# Exploits

Gather all your exploits needed to pop that box.

# Browser

  • Beef - The Browser Exploitation Framework Project. last-commit

# Exploit Databases

  • 0-Day Today [TOR] - The ultimate database of exploits and vulnerabilties and a great resource for researchers. Private exploits, and 0-Days are sold here.
  • Android Kernel - Android Kernel Exploits. last-commit
  • Exploit Database - The Exploit Database is maintained by Offensive Security, an information security training company.
  • Linux Kernel - Linux kernel exploits. last-commit
  • NIST NVD - The National Institute of Standards and Technology. U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • MacOS Kernel - MacOS Kernel Exploits. last-commit
  • Security Focus - From original news content to detailed technical papers and guest columnists, Security Focus is a great resource for all things security related.
  • Sploitus - A convenient central place for identifying the newest exploits and finding attacks that exploit known vulnerabilities.
  • Windows Kernel - Windows Kernel Exploits. last-commit
  • Windows Rootkits - Windows Rootkits. last-commit