# Hardware

Grab some of the most used hardware within the penetration testing industry.

# General Hardware

  • Ardunio - Open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects.
  • Raspberry Pi - A tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects.
  • USB Armory Mk II - Open Source Flash-Drive Sized Computer.

# Equipment

  • Attify Badge - A hardware security assessment tool. Used to communicate between a PC and an embedded device over various hardware communication protocols.
  • DigiSpark - An Attiny85 based microcontroller development board similar to the Arduino line, only cheaper, smaller, and a bit less powerful.
  • Goodfet - An embedded bus adapter for various microcontrollers and radios. JTAG adapter, loosely based upon the TI MSP430 FET UIF and EZ430U boards last-commit
  • GreatFET One - GreatFET One is a hardware hacker’s best friend. With an extensible, open source design, two USB ports, and 100 expansion pins, GreatFET One is your essential gadget for hacking, making, and reverse engineering.
  • O.MG Cable - For covert field-use, with features that enhance remote execution, stealth, and forensics evasion.
  • OpticSpy - a platform to explore, evaluate, and experiment with optical data transmissions.
  • Throwing Star LAN Tap/Pro - The Great Scott Gadgets Throwing Star LAN Tap is a small, simple device for monitoring Ethernet communications.

# Layouts

  • Pinouts - Free book containing layouts of connectors, single board computers, dev boards, memory cards, microcontroller chips, and more.

# Store

  • Hacker Gadgets - One-stop warehouse, for the best Hacking Gadgets, Pentesting Equipment, Hacker Hardware Tools and everyday Swag.
  • Hacker Warehouse - Your one-stop shop for all your computer security needs from defense to offense.
  • Hak5 - Pentest tools for authorized auditing/security analysis only where permitted.
  • Red Team Tools - Red teaming physical products.